The history of the Cagnoni family is especially linked to the two towns that have made the Italian accordion famous worldwide: Stradella and Castelfidardo.

Muzio Cagnoni was born in Stradella in 1915 and it was here that he first learnt about manufacturing reeds for accordions. He completed his training in Castelfidardo when his family moved there, combining the creative talent and production skills of the two schools.
In 1946, Mr. Cagnoni, with his wealth of experience, intuition and insight, founded his business to which he was to devote the next sixty years and more of his life with tireless passion and competence.
The values that have always been a characteristic of the founder have been handed down to his heirs who, in complete respect of tradition, have given a greater boost to the family business, bringing technological innovation, advanced engineering and a dynamic commercial approach.
Cagnoni reeds for accordions is today an international point of reference on the accordion market and is well able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.
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